Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau

Combo Delight

"Explore the hot mineral land that meets FEMTEC (World Association of Hydro and Thermotherapy) standards recognized by the World Health Organization WHO"

Weekday: 977,500 VND / adult | 739,500 VND / child

Application period: 01/10/2022 - 23/122022 (From Monday - Thursday)
Weekend and holiday ticket price: 1,088,0000 VND / adult | 816,000 VND / child
Application period: 01/10/2022 - 23/122022 (From Friday - Sunday)
Opening hours: 09:00 - 18:00 every day
Service:Combo Delight
Minera Springs:
- Mineral Springs Pool
- Around The World Spa
- Wabisabi
- 82 degrees
Minera Forest:
- Blossom zone
- Crocodile garden
Lunch buffet
Springs Pool - Make a splash or go with the flow at Springs Pool - the largest hot mineral pool in South East Asia

Nhà hàng Zest Dining - Minera Springs’ all-day restaurant, offering a range of delicious cuisine from all over the world, including à la carte and buffet dining options.

(*) Price not included massage and spa servicces.

(**) VAT included

Explore a place of pure relaxation

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Experience the first wellness tourist destination combining hot springs with Eco-forest in Vietnam